SWIR lens used for Solar Panel Inspection

SWIR lens

SWIR lensAdvanced SWIR Lenses and Optics

Higher-Resolution SWIR Imaging Features:

  • Higher Speeds (F-number as low as F/1) SWIR
  • Broader Spectrum
  • Lowest Flare on the Market
  • 20-40% Lighter Weight
  • Robust Mechanical Design with Stable Performance Over Temperature

The INSPIRE™ line of pre-engineered SWIR lenses from Clear Align are high-performance, light-weight and ruggedized to withstand harsh environments with superior flare control. Our proprietary Extra-Black™ coating coupled with a unique FEATHERWEIGHT™ housing provides three key advantages including control of flare or stray light, better performance over a wide temperature range, and 20-40% weight reduction. The INSPIRE™ product line provides exceptionally high resolution infrared imaging used for solar cell and manufacturing inspection, perimeter security, medical imaging and other applications. Also available are a series of advance SWIR zoom lenses. INSPIRE™ lenses are optimized for leading large-format SWIR cameras including FLIR, Goodrich (Sensors Unlimited), Raytheon and others.

Parameters Specification Ranges
Optical Specifications
Focal Length Range 20-500 mm
Focal Length Fixed, Continuous Zoom, Step Zoom
F- number Range F/1.0 – F/6.0
Full Field of View 1 - 130 degrees
Waveband 600 nm – 1600 nm or 900 nm – 1700 nm
MTF > 50% at 20 lp/mm
Relative Illumination 75 - 95%
Antireflection Coating Reflectance < 0.6%
Athermalized -40°C to +60°C typical
Detector Specifications
Detector Size Range 10.25 mm - 20.5 mm (diagonal) typical
Pixel Size Range 15 µm - 25 µm
Mechanical Specifications
Flare Reduction Proprietary Extra-Black™ Coating
Mechanical Interface C-Mount, Nikon F, Canon FD, M42 x 1.0


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