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AXI HeadshotAngelique X. Irvin


Angelique has 25 years of professional experience focused on technology driven businesses. Her experience includes successful small and large business launches at companies including Clear Align, Coviant, NEC, AT&T Microelectronics, and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Angelique leads Clear Align, a company that designs, prototypes, and manufactures custom imaging and laser for defense and aerospace customers. Clear Align’s imaging expertise spans the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR portions of the spectrum, delivering both narrow- and wide wide-field-of-view systems. The company’s laser expertise includes optical integration for communications, remote sensing and targeting, as well as for medical applications. Under Irvin’s leadership, Clear Align has earned a multitude of growth and technology awards including the Inc. 500™, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, and the SBA Minority Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Prior to Clear Align, Angelique founded and built Coviant, a world-class electro-optics manufacturing company serving tier-one customers such as Intel, Unilever, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. She developed the intellectual property strategies that aligned the company with fortune 500 technology partners such as Agilent and Rohm and Haas. Angelique was responsible for a new product launch at AT&T Bell Laboratories where she led a team that built out optical assembly facilities and developed new markets for a $500 million electro-optic manufacturing operation.

Angelique graduated with honors from Alfred University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Engineering and earned an MBA from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. Angelique is currently a regular speaker and an Entrepreneur in Residence at The Wharton School and teaches others how to build technology companies.


Jonathan Kane, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Kane has over 25 years of design and development experience, focused on electro-optic, infrared and hyperspectral systems including engineering oversight for optical system integration. Kane is the founder of IrZoom and the former owner of Computer Optics Incorporated which was purchased by Clear Align in 2013. Kane received his Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his Masters in Electro-Optics from Tufts University, and his Ph.D. from Boston University.   His current research interests include Zoom lens designs, Carbon nanotubes, coating design and manufacture, optical test and measurement equipment, electro-optical systems and novel scanning systems. Prior to his time at Computer Optics, he was with the Sensors Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory where he was a senior scientist in charge of basic research in electro-optics and signal processing. Dr. Kane directed research in smart pixel architectures. He has also worked for MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he designed and constructed a dual-sided lithographic pattern generator and assisted in the design and experimental characterization of a diffractive-optic testing element. Kane currently holds nine US patents that cover the fields of optics and optical signal processing.


Robert W. Irvin

Vice President of Manufacturing, Program Manager

Irvin has over 27 years experience focused on imaging and optoelectronic device technology development, design for manufacturing, and high-tech manufacturing management. He is a Project Management Institute certified Project Manager who has hands-on experience in research, product development, mid and high-volume manufacturing, transitioning build to print manufacturing, and cost reduction using a variety of tools including lean manufacturing.

Among his many awards and appointments is the Bell Laboratories President’s Gold award for design, development and production of advanced optical switching systems.  Irvin has broad hands-on experience with the design, development and manufacturing of a variety of optical systems and subsystems including infrared and visible zoom lens systems, illuminators, lasers, switches, receivers, and modulators. In addition, he has led the design, development and manufacture of hermetically sealable single and multi-fiber fiber assemblies for laser systems with both SM and PM fiber in 1D and 2D configurations.  Irvin brings insight into reliability at both a system and component level.

Prior to Clear Align, Irvin held high level positions at Coviant, Lucent Technologies and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Irvin was the Vice President of Engineering at Coviant, an optical manufacturing services company, where he built and led all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing operations. At Lucent Technologies, Irvin served as the program manager for several cutting edge optoelectronic businesses including LiNbO3 2.5 and 10G optical modulators, LiNbO3 optical switch arrays, silicon DWDM devices, and several laser systems that generated over a half a billion dollars in annual revenue. He was a key player responsible for both the automation and outsourcing strategies at Lucent Technologies and won the Quality Award. Irvin won the prestigious AT&T Bell Laboratories Presidents Gold Award during his early years at AT&T Bell Laboratories performing advance electro-optics research and development including fabrication and integration of sensor elements.

Bob Irvin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Ursinus College. He has authored or co-authored eight papers and eight patents relating to optoelectronic components.



Ed Mourar

Vice President of Engineering, Program Manager

Mourar has over 27 years experience focused on imaging and laser devices. He is a hands-on program manager with experience in research, product development, mid and high-volume manufacturing, transitioning new technology to production for satellite and military applications Previously, Mourar was Vice President of Engineering for Fraser Optics where he led research and development programs. The programs include gyroscopically-stabilized binoculars (US Army M25 and M25A1 programs), monoculars, multi-spectral cameras, sensors, eye-safe laser rangefinders, target acquisition systems and laser designators. Mourar was Director of Engineering/Operations at Topcon Medical Systems, developing over 20 different commercial medical programs for the ophthalmic industry while also directing the entire business unit of 45 employees. He led the FDA Class-1 CAPA, ISO 9001, and several ERP/MRP implementations for the business sector. At LSA Inc., Mourar led military development programs; such as WAABS (Wide-Angle, Agile Beam Steerer) that was a LIDAR system for NSWC Dahlgren, LASER Link that was a 10-km atmospheric laser communication system for high data-rate transmission, and HMVRD (Helmet-Mounted Virtual Reality Display) for showing critical information on a pilot’s visor. At Lockheed Martin (formerly GE Astro Space), Mourar led the mechanical development of the Air Force’s GPS-IIR satellite program. He led the assembly, performance testing, environmental testing, and launching of the first four GPS-IIR satellites. In addition, Mourar led and developed all the precision optical alignments of navigation sensors to relate them to body coordinates and on-orbit pointing vectors for multiple NASA (Goddard and JPL) satellite programs receiving numerous awards and citations for innovative analytical solutions. In addition, he developed many software algorithms using Kalman filters for attitude and maneuver control. Mourar was awarded a BS in Mechanical Engineering (1987) and an M.S. in Engineering Science (1991) from Pennsylvania State University and graduated of numerous GE management and leadership programs. He is the principal inventor on three US patents.