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Military and Aerospace
With AS9100 quality management system, < Enterprise Resource Planning controls, online project management, and all-electronic build documentation and quality data recording, Clear Align is an ideal partner to design and manufacture systems for high reliability, rugged applications. Extensive technical experience and background in optics, imaging, lasers, and optoelectronics ensure a high level of confidence for military and aerospace requirements. Industrial Imaging
A wide variety of off-the-shelf and pre-engineered solutions for lenses and systems in visible and infrared provides cost effective ways to address industrial imaging applications such as machine vision, security, and scientific applications

With experience in micro-optics and custom lenses, we address medical imaging requirments, both in-vivo and external.

Our internal optical fabrication capability provides fast prototyping and ITAR compliant optical fabrication. Our partnerships with vetted overseas suppliers address more cost competitive markets.