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Clear Align Makes the Cut: Case Study on Customer Satisfaction

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Eagleville,PA,  15 November 2015 – Three Fortune 50 companies recently down-selected their approved supplier list from over 100 suppliers to less than 10 for optics and optical assemblies. Clear Align made the preferred supplier list in each of these cases. Clear Align developed a study to understand why these prominent companies work with us. Thirty of these decision makers were interviewed including program managers, engineers, quality managers and procurement professionals. The study results summarizing these key decision factors were tied to four key determinants in order of priority:

  • Consistent On-Time Delivery: While not perfect Clear Align’s OTD (on-time-delivery) ranged from 98.7% to 100% over 12 months and this helped them keep their program on track and ensured they met their revenue commitments.
  • Value and Quality: Clear Align’s pricing was highly competitive and when combined with 98.5-100% quality rating provided the best value to customers. Key shareholders noted the importance of long lead items arriving compliant and a more thorough first article inspection process as attributes that made Clear Align easier to manage.
  • Breadth of Offering: The ability to consolidate supply chain was supported by buy the variety of optical components and coatings, design services, assembly, full MILSPEC qualification and build to print manufacturing. Responsive & Knowledgeable Customer Service: Customers could reach decision makers in a timely fashion and technical competence helped fast track programs and fix issues that arose more quickly than other suppliers.

Verbal responses from our survey included:

  • “Your on-time and complete delivery is the best of my suppliers” Supply Chain Manager
  • “Your infrared image quality has consistently exceeded your competitors” Engineering Director
  • “I never visit your shop because I spend all my time at the problems suppliers, thanks for not making me travel” Program Manager
  • “Your engineering team is a cut above technically and very easy to work with” Senior Engineer “I wish we had your quality system, definitely world-class” Quality Manager

Results like these are why we welcome your complex optical challenges and look forward to solving them in a timely and cost competitive fashion. Challenge Clear Align today!

About Clear Align:

Clear Align delivers electro-optic systems and optical components to defense, medical and commercial customers. Clear Align’s expertise spans the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR portions of the spectrum. We deliver optical components and assemblies including integration of cameras and gimbals. Our optics expertise ensures fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Clear Align’s highly trained team has a consistent record of delivering quality results with a customer-centered approach that sets us apart. Clear Align is an SDB, WOSB and SB.

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