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Demand for MILSPEC systems drove Clear Align’s 49% growth in 2015

Emerging DoD Outsourced Manufacturing Model



Eagleville, PA, 4 April 2016, DoD budgets and compressed product development cycles are driving prime contractors to demand higher level electro-optic systems from a few, vertically integrated, critical partners. Clear Align is addressing customers’ need for nimble and responsive delivery.


Clear Align Strengthened Our Offerings for Systems Engineering, Assemblies & Components

  • Systems Manufacture: Customers’ needs are served by a new VP of Engineering, Ed Mourar, and Mechanical Engineer, Doug Wetterau who each bring 25 years of systems experience.


  • Lens Assembly: Volume manufacturing cost was reduced 27-51% via vertical integration and lean principals led by BAE System’s Mentor Protégé Program.


  • Components Fabrication: We added 7 opticians and 47 new machines to serve customers better.


  • Optical Coatings: We tripled our optical coating staff and our master designer developed 28 new coatings with ultra-low reflection.


  • Novel Materials: We added fabrication of windows with almost twice the modulus of rupture of Germanium and a chalcogenide with transmission from NIR to LWIR.


  • Process Controls: We tightened process controls with the US Army’s Mentor with Protégé investment in enterprise resource planning and quality control.

If you have a complex optical challenge: Please contact JJ Koeske, at 603-889-2116 X222.


About Clear Align:

Clear Align delivers electro-optic systems and optical components to defense, medical and commercial customers.  Clear Align is an SDB, WOSB and SB supplier.