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“L3 has been working with Clear Align for some time and has come to trust their technical capability and judgment.”

Chief Technologist


Complex Optical Design, Prototype and Manufacture

What differentiates Clear Align is the experience we bring in manufacturing to the design table. This experience creates viable, solutions that can be reproduced consistently using the latest assembly technology. We integrate state-of-the-art technology from our suppliers including fiber and lens fabrication, coatings, precision machining, and chip or focal-plane-array fabrication capabilities into sophisticated design solutions. We provide a well defined, stage-gate process which we encourage our customers to participate in. Our Design for Manufacture (DFM) approach involves:

Technical Analysis
We determine the manufacturability of the present product and compare with similar products on the market.

Objectives Setting
Clear targets are identified for production costs, quality, flexibility, risk, lead-time, efficiency and operating environment.

Function Definition 
Our design team defines the product function needs and design tradeoffs.

Concept Development 
Multiple concepts are developed that meet customer requirements.

Concept Evaluation and Selection 
The manufacturability of the proposed concepts are assessed in terms of the DFM objectives. Then best fit concept is selected.

Translation to Design 
We communicate the chosen concept to the development team for detailed design.

Prototype Development and Design Verification The prototype is built and undergoes a series of optical, mechanical and environmental tests.

Transfer to Manufacturing 
The design team and the manufacturing team ensure a smooth transition to volume production.