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Optical Prototype Services for Imaging, Laser and Fiber Optic Systems

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We give you the power to expand and deliver rapidly …
Clear Align’s expert engineering staff can deliver the qualified optical prototypes you require before volume production begins. Our team members are knowledgeable,  accurate and dedicated critical thinkers who are poised to help with challenging projects. We have a history of turning around failing programs against great technical odds.


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Leverage our experienced engineers at the design and prototype phase of your program in order to maximize the benefits you will receive in manufacturing. We design and assemble prototypes focusing on production requirements of our customers and leverage the latest technology and knowledge in process engineering, materials, assembly equipment and assembly process optimization.

Prototype Capabilities

Imaging Lasers and Fiber-Optics
Assembly Assembly
– optical and optomechanical assembly – optoelectronic and fiber optic assembly
– centering stations – sub-micron optical alignment-coupling accuracy
– adhesive and epoxy expertise – adhesive and epoxy expertise
  – solder selection and hierarchy expertise
  – hermetic sealing and leak detection
Testing Testing
– MTF testing of optical assemblies – general optical performance testing
– interferometric testing – electronic testing
– mechanical inspection technology – acoustic sensitivity testing
MILSPEC Qualification – Class K Space Qualification – Medical Device Qualification
– Thermal shock – Thermal shock
– Thermal cycling – Thermal cycling
– Humidity & temperature – Humidity & temperature
– Mechanical shock & weapons shock – Mechanical shock & weapons shock
– Vibration – Vibration
– Salt, fog,& fungus – Salt, fog,& fungus
– Coating adhesion – Coating adhesion
– Immersion – Immersion
– Altitude – Altitude

At Clear Align, we can certify manage a full prototype qualification plan for you. One more service to support our customers product development path. Clear Align’s engineers are also skilled in failure-mode-effects analysis.