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“NGC utilizes Clear Align for activities related to advance laser technology and optical testing. Their support resulted in efficient solutions to technical issues and their expertise allowed our team to incorporate advanced technologies we otherwise would not have been able to integrate into our products. Their technical and management teams were a pleasure to work with and were responsive to our cost and schedule needs.

We look forward to continuing our association with Clear Align and gladly recommend their services to others.”

Member of Technical Staff


Fiber Optic and Laser Integration from Man Portable to Space Qualified

From simple fiber coupling to integration of complex board-mounted subsystems, micro-optic and fiber-optic needs. Clear Align engineers are highly skilled in the design, assembly and qualification of both fiber-optic components and micro-optic systems.

Optoelectronic Packaging

We perform precision system integration and hermetic optoelectronic packaging processes in an ESD-safe cleanroom environment. Assembly operations include:

• Board-level assembly and testing
• Micro-optic system design
• Hermetic packaging qualified to space and MIL 883 standards
• Assembly of laser subsystems
• Fiber coupling and attachment
• Epoxy and eutectic solder diebonding
• Wirebonding
• Hermetic sealing with real-time in-line RGA analysis
• Solder assembly methods
• Low-outgas epoxy assembly
• Fusion splicing
• Bare and clad fiber handling

Our in-depth knowledge of fiber-optic and optoelectronic components includes:

• Lasers and LED light sources
• Receivers and detectors
• Optical switches, modulators and DWDMs
• Isolators, couplers and circulators

Clear Align’s engineering staff has experience with a wide variety of lasers, including solid-state and fiber-optic lasers with high output powers and short pulse lengths. We have built hundreds of laser subsystems for military applications.

Our team has developed micro-optics systems for sensing applications that far exceed current sensing standards. This involves not only the optical design, but the assembly process and packaging to include multiple optical elements, precise beam control and active devices in packages smaller that 1cm3

Examples of systems we have built include:
• Micro-optics sensor
• Optical switching matrix for communications
• Fiber multiplexing systems for space applications
• Pulsed laser system development for laser rangefinders
• Laser module assemblies for sensor systems

Test and Qualification

We provide rigorous optical and environmental testing using power meters, spectrum analyzers, wavemeters, autocorrelators, polarization extinction ratio (PER) meters and a list of environmental and mechanical equipment for testing hermeticity, vibration, shock, temperature cycle, etc.  We can mechanically and environmentally qualify systems and subsystems in house to the following standards:

• Space and airborne specifications
• Military specifications
• Communications specifications

Space-Qualified Fiber-Optic Production
Clear Align has extensive experience delivering space-qualified fiber-optic devices to prime contractors and government agencies. We would be pleased to discuss your space or other high-reliability program needs.